on-line courses

Hi! How are you? I’m delighted because today I offer you not just one or two, but four online courses that you’ll love if you are a crafty person. And if it isn’t your time for you to chill at home, you have also the choice to give them to that special person you know that will love it.

I’m not going to bore you with long explanations. I’m going to link down my online courses, whether you're ready to dive in the pottery world or you just want to give it to someone that you know will love it.

You can see my first course here “Pottery at home for beginners”

If you want to learn something about pottery enameling, the course for you is “Pottery enamelling for beginners”

If you want to learn how to model clay with the Kurinuki technique, and also if you want to learn more techniques, the best thing for you to watch is “Clay: modelling and decoration”

If you want to experiment with coloring clays and slips, click here: "Dyed Ceramics: Coloring Ceramic Paste"

And remember, if you want to search for ceramic shops or workshops in your country, access the free list on this website: stores & studios around the world.

I had so much fun making these courses, and I sincerely hope you will too. See you there, have a nice day!