How do I order?

In order for transactions to be secure, orders will be made through my Etsy shop. Pieces of the Pottery Props collection can be purchased directly here.

If you want to buy tableware for daily use, you can buy it here.

Can I customize a product?

Orders can be customized as long as they are within my line of work. I do not make works based on photos of other authors' works.

How do I take care of my pieces?

All the pieces are dishwasher-proof, although I recommend you wash them by hand. They can also be stored in your fridge or freezer. They are suitable for oven and microwave use.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

For personalized orders (restaurants and wholesale) you’ll need at least 30-40 days. Keep in mind that these pieces need a drying and baking process that must be respected if you want the pieces to be in the best conditions. If you choose to buy any piece in stock, the order gets shipped away 24-48 hours after receiving the payment.

If I break my piece, can I replace it?

Of course, email me at hola@paulacasella.es indicating which piece is it, the quantity, and a photo of the piece itself so I can make the new piece look as similar as possible to the broken one. I cannot guarantee the reposition of all the pieces because the exact replicas of some enamels or ceramic pastes are almost impossible to get.

If I don’t like my order, can I return it?

Custom orders cannot be returned, as they were created exclusively for a client. These are handmade pieces, therefore they have little “imperfections” which characterize the artisanal production. What I’m looking for with my job is to create products that aren’t 100% symmetrical, so that I can convey the artistic value that each piece has.

The products in stock have a 14 working days return time limit.

If a product arrives broken or damaged, can I return it?

If you see that the box hasn’t arrived in the best conditions, I need you to report it as non-localized. If you receive a damaged package I can’t be responsible for the state of what’s inside. If the package comes in good condition and a piece gets damaged or broken, send me a picture of it. I will try to replicate it and the times of shipping will depend on the amount of work given at that time.

How do you ship the product?

The order is made through Correos (Spain Post Office) and private shipping offices. I can track your order, but I can't be held responsible if your order doesn't arrive. That's why it's so important you double-check your information before placing an order.