stores & studios around the world

After so many months of being an online teacher, I realized how important it is to be able to have reliable resources to give to my students. Thanks to their support and constant work of investigation I can offer you now a list of clay stores and workplaces that are all around the world. It was made by hand and I update it quite often, so I suggest you come around here from time to time. Maybe not today, but in just a few weeks maybe you’ll be able to find a store that delivers near your household. Today more than ever I invite you to enjoy the clay and to “connect to disconnect"

Remember: a complete search tool is at your disposition to use. All the countries’ names are in Spanish. You must keep that in mind to obtain the best results.


All the information that appears in the list is public knowledge and is used for the sole purpose of making known names and addresses to those people dedicated to ceramics, who are looking for shops or workshops for that purpose. If you see an error or do not want to be part of this list, you can indicate it at "Paula Casella, Cerámica de Autor" is not responsible for the use that third parties may make of all the information that appears in the list.